Susie hails from a long line of photographers on both sides, from somewhere in Eastern Europe, to Brooklyn, to Montreal and Ottawa. She grew up in her family's photography studio where she learned the ins and outs of the business. At the age of twenty, she ran screaming from this environment, and attempted to lead a normal life. Alas, her genetic predisposition caused several relapses and she is now doing photography full time, a condition for which there is no cure.

"So what? She was born with a camera in her hand. Who cares?", you might ask. It's no big deal really, except for the fact that Susie has found photography to be the most meaningful way for her to express her love of people. Connecting with people through her work is what makes her happiest, and she hopes that others can see that coming through in the images she creates.

When Susie isn't busy photographing people, you might find her shooting reflections in puddles or cracks in sidewalks. She hopes her work inspires others to see the beauty and magic of their every day surroundings.

"Photography reflects my approach to life, in being fully immersed in the present moment while excitedly anticipating the next one."   -Susie Shapiro

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